Alghanim Automobile brings high-tech luxury car EXEED to Kuwait


Kuwait City, Kuwait: Alghanim Automobile launched EXEED, the newest high-tech luxury car brand, in Kuwait’s automotive market, in a special unveiling event that took place on Thursday evening at the Avenues Mall. Powered by the industry’s brightest minds from automotive technology giant Benteler International and its research and development center in Munich, Germany, EXEED’s VX and TXL models will remain on display in the Avenues Mall – Dome 3 until Tuesday, 28 June. 

Visitors can experience EXEED’s technologically advanced vehicles, all of which are carefully crafted by hundreds of the industry’s brightest minds and expert designers. EXEED is available for immediate orders and will open its showroom, located in Shuwaikh, to the public in July. 

Alghanim Automobile, an Alghanim Industries company, is proud to introduce the luxurious high-tech EXEED to Kuwait’s market, building on a legacy that dates to the turn of the century in enriching the market with products and services that complement customers’ growing tastes. As a household name built on decades of excellence, Alghanim Industries is happy to partner with EXEED, a company that shares core values centered between a customer-centric approach and a guarantee of exceptional quality.

In the innovative spirit central to the automotive industry, EXEED integrated the latest technological achievements to its line-up of luxury vehicles. EXEED powers its cars with exclusive technology, boasting a scientific edge on vehicular excellence. With an upper hand in providing superior architecture in its automobile design, EXEED ensures its vehicles hold an evolved structure that offers greater safety and comfort.

EXEED’s exclusive chassis delivers a car with an intelligent central frame collectively built by five of the world’s best research and development centers such as Magna, Benteler, Getrak and BorgWarner. Modelled by the brightest automotive minds in the industry, EXEED’s vehicular architecture comes with a flexible chassis system which fully applies to all types of vehicles from sedans and SUVs to multi-purpose vehicles and electric cars. The EXEED system is equipped with Benteler’s master chassis, BorgWarner’s signature intelligent four-wheel-drive, empowered by Magna’s iconic designs, and Getrak’s superior safety software.

Equipping conventional fuel engines and a hybrid power of nine modes, EXEED vehicles combine stellar output mechanics with the highest fuel efficiency. Surpassing the market’s usual V6 engine, the EXEED VX model, an all-wheel-drive SUV that is both spacious and powerful, uses the internationally rated first-class 2.0 T-GDI engine famed in the automotive world as one of the best engines for a power-to-fuel ratio. The super-smooth experience EXEED brings customers is further enhanced with the world’s first dedicated hybrid transmission that functions on a dual-motor basis, eliminating the fears of heavy and expensive gas use for EXEED drivers.

The exclusive metallic structure innovated by EXEED employs the highest degrees of safety with an intelligent fortress supporting the vehicle at all times. With hot-formed steel plates by Benteler, Germany’s globally renowned automotive technology company, EXEED cars are fortified against the heaviest collisions with a matching internal security. Moreover, the EXEED TXL model, powered by a 1.6 turbo engine nestled inside a graceful body, is fitted with award-winning safety, breaking records in three China’s New Car Assessment Program (N-NCAP) categories including pedestrian protection, occupant protection and operational security.

EXEED Alghanim offers 7 years of peace of mind, such as 7 years comprehensive manufacturer warranty, 7 maintenance services free, and 7 years Roadside assistance. Terms and conditions apply. 

For more information, the EXEED team invites the public to follow the future of automotive technology on Instagram @EXEEDAlghanim to receive the latest news, showroom opening dates, vehicle arrives, and more. EXEED Alghanim can also be reached via their dedicated hotline at 1832333 or by visiting their website:

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Alghanim Automobile brings high-tech luxury car EXEED to Kuwait...


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