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About Exeed Alghanim

With the aim to revolutionize the automotive industry, EXEED enters the international market endowed with the definition of luxury, safety and comfort.


The surge of economy and technology impelled the dawn of EXEED, an imperative concept of deluxe cars which meet the needs of everyone around the globe. The brand not only reflects the history of the European auto industry renowned for its undeniable expertise, but also incorporates state-of-the-art technologies.

From design to manufacturing, EXEED collaborates with prominent international automotive component suppliers, including Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Bosch, Magna, etc., and over 100 designers and engineers from BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and other elite European companies in the field. The European R&D center located in Munich – Germany is the source of the new automotive design philosophy with the aim to revolutionize the automotive sector and allow EXEED to rise to the level, if not overcome, well-known existing brands.

With a one-hundred-year-old legacy in the European automobile industry, and through clever strategic planning, EXEED has accumulated profuse technology platform development and expansion capabilities and pushed the limits in terms of design and manufacturing thanks to the collected efforts of Quantum, the technical layout of European R & D center, and the participation of distinguished European and American partners in the development process. These partnerships ensure the stability and consistency of the manufacturing procedures to the highest level of quality control and performance across the multiple production facilities.


EXEED is the reward of high-tech innovation and the daring commitment to quality, safety and sustainability in an ever-changing automotive industry. It is a forward-looking creation charged with dynamics and driven by the ambition to provide worldwide drivers with tailor-made exceptional features; through adaptive adjustment, and the thorough study of international characteristics, exclusive functions are created or altered to match the market requirements, while maintaining extreme safety and comfort with its advanced intelligent human-car interaction.

The driver’s welfare is EXEED’s top priority. An exclusive chassis architecture implements the highest safety standards and creates a solid and reliable fortress with the support of high-strength integrated cage body structure, large scale of double-layer galvanized steel plates, ADAS driver assistance equipment, and 360° all-around safety and intelligent cab. When experiencing the seamless power performance of the engine, the global user will be confident that his safety is in trustworthy hands.

The continuous upgrading and iteration of the architecture come hand in hand with the constant enrichment of the car’s luxurious features. EXEED’s interior is simply worthy of a center stage ovation. It is sensual yet classy, impactful yet delicate. Its sole aim is to pamper the user and offer him an out-of-this-world experience, creating an unbreakable bond between an exceptional car and a deserving driver.


This award-winning car, praised for its featured qualities and services, can be considered as an industry-leading breakthrough creation, with an irrevocable promise that the best is yet to come.